A strong partner

from planning, over execution, to the insights and reports

We offer tailored solutions and support you through every step to a successful, creative campaign and ongoing marketing success.

RMG serves as your partner. We offer a variety of powerful services ranging from defining your specific target audience, designing creative concepts and developing a future strategy. We look to ensure a substantial impact on your marketing return and media penetration.

Define target audiences

You need to be heard. We value interaction. Therefore, we sharpen the picture of your target audience based on your perceptions who your customer actually is.

We review the current picture of your target audiences and refine it together if needed

Based on our combination of transaction data and exclusive access to the data from category-leading partners, we are able to draw a highly detailed picture of your customer.

We reduce inaccuracy and reach your individual target group

We identify audiences based on transaction data and axclusive partnerships

Customised detailed personas

From the defined audience, we go a step further and create different personas. A persona represents a cluster of users and shows their interests, behaviours and needs.

This helps you to better understand your customers and helps us to target the right person more accurately.

Campaign concepts

When, where and how to reach your customer in the most efficient way?

Based on your defined target audience and our designed personas, we create creative concepts resulting in a campaign aiming to tighten your customer relationship. The campaign covers several aspects like timing, demographics and design.

Creative formats

Meet our team of highly professional digital creatives

Meet our team of highly professional digital creatives

Our team of experienced creative directors will create concepts including the right messages and designs in order to appeal to the right target group.

Customised design routes

Customised design routes

For every defined persona within your campaign, we create ads matching the specific needs and behaviours of your customers.

Execution and reliability

Reliable support and campaign execution

Reliable support and campaign execution

We are the partner by your side during your whole campaign journey and support you in case of design as well as technical problems.

Highly qualified Ad-operations team

Highly qualified Ad-operations team

RMG has the technical expertise to publish your ads exactly the way you want it.

Technical Specifications(EN)

Technische Spezifikationen(DE)

End of campaign report

After every campaign, we provide a detailed report evaluating the success of the published content. We analyse strengths and weaknesses of the selected marketing tools in order to design future campaigns even more successful.

Additionally, we gain new knowledge of your customer and can share actionable insights and the most valuable customer information with you. All this presented in an accessible, easy-to-understand format.

Unique customer insights

Know your customer, grow your business

Get to know your customer

Receive a collection of customer information at the end or during your campaign including information about demographics, brand affiliations and more.

Understand your customer behaviours

Learn more about interests and behaviours of your customers through detailed statistical methods and data analysis.

Learn more about your customers shopping habits

Go a step further and take a closer look at what really drives your customer. We provide correlations and deeper analyses about shopping habits.

Qualitative Insights -
Learnings and recommendations

Based on our generated creative content and campaign results we offer you a future-actions guidline

High quality insights lead to a better and more detailed understanding of your customer. Best guesses and basic ideas will be substituted by proven and data-based results. By the help of our recommendations and guidelines, the likelihood of success of future campaigns is going to rise.